郭杰,博士,助理研究员,2016年7月获得海德堡大学人文地理哲学博士学位(拉丁荣誉学位magna cum laude, 优等),2016-2019年于海德堡大学地理学院担任研究助理,2017-2018年至加州大学洛杉矶分校地理学院访学,2019年加入广东省科学院广州地理研究所,2021年受聘为柏林自由大学与维尔茨堡大学中国研究中心客座研究员


郭杰博士的主要研究方向为中国制度变迁与城市治理机制、土地政策与空间政治、智慧城市与平台治理、政策流动性与比较城市研究等。成果出版/发表于LIT Verlag出版社、Geoforum、Urban Geography、Eurasian Geography and Economics、《地理研究》、《地理科学进展》、《人文地理》等国内外权威期刊,担任《热带地理》青年编委,Urban Geography、Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space、Journal of Urban Affairs等期刊审稿人。


Dr. Jie Guo is currently an Assistant Professor of urban studies at the Guangzhou Institute of Geography, Guangdong Academy of Sciences. She obtained her Ph.D. (magna cum laude, with 1.0) in Human Geography at the Heidelberg University in July 2016. She has been a research assistant at the Heidelberg University during 2016-2019, and a visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) between 2017 and 2018. Since 2021, She is appointed as a visiting research fellow at the Center for Chinese Studies at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Würzburg, participating in a project entitled Worldmaking from a Global Perspective: a Dialogue with China, which is funded by the German Federal Education and Research Ministry.

Dr. Guo has a research background in the fields of China’s institutional transition and governance regime, urban and regional planning, land policy and politics, and smart city and platform governance. Her research seeks to understand the intersections between China’s system reform and elite-led, capital-driven urbanization processes, and the dynamic balance of power relations, public-private interactions, and political-institutional arrangements that are reflected in, and are conversely shaped by, the changes to the urban built environment. Her recent research involves the smart city movement and platform governance on China’s digital Silk Road, with specific attention to the political, economic, and social rationals and the dynamics of power relations behind China’s smart city transformation and ICT innovation.





1. Jie Guo (2020). Promotion-driven local states and governing cities in action—re-reading China’s urban entrepreneurialism from a local perspective. Urban Geography (获2020年度 Urban Geography ERC Prize青年学者研究奖,链接:https://www.urbangeographyjournal.org/journal/early-career-researcher-prize/2020-prize-winners)

2. Jie Guo (2019). Reshaping Chinese cities: Neoliberal Transition, Contestations and Urban Renewal of Lanzhou. Berlin: LIT Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-643-90949-7

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5. Jie Guo, Lixia Jin, and Yongchun Yang* (2022). China's urban governance in the shadow of regulatory centralism: The revitalization of old industrial cities as a case. Land

6. Jie Guo (2018), Industrial Restructuring and Urban Spaces Transformation in Lanzhou city, with Focus on the Transition Periods. in Hans Gebhard (eds.), Urban Governance, Spatial Planning and Economic Development in the 21st Century China, Berlin: LIT Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-643-90418-8

7. Jie Guo et al (under review). Urban renewal and place-shaping in negotiations in Lanzhou, China: a perspective from place-based leadership



1. 郭杰, 王珺, 姜璐, 张虹鸥, 黄耿志* (2022). 从技术中心主义到人本主义:智慧城市研究进展与展望. 地理科学进展

2. 郭杰、汪坤*、张虹鸥. 互构论视角下的智慧城市转型研究:概念框架与分析思路

3. Jie Guo et al. Socio-technical interaction as a driver for smart cities: a research agenda (under review)



1. 郭杰, 杜志威*, 张虹鸥 (2023). 地理学视角下的政策流动性研究:进展与展望. 人文地理

2. 郭杰, 姜璐*, 张虹鸥, 叶玉瑶, 林浩曦 (2022). 流空间视域下城市群功能协同发展研究:以旧金山湾区为例. 热带地理

3. 黄普基, 郭杰*, 周晴 (2021). 韩国城市更新中的居住形式与居民政治倾向关系研究:以江南区为例. 世界地理研究




 2020-2022   广东省科学院专项资助项目,粤港澳大湾区智慧城市群协同发展的路径、模式 与机制研究,2020GDASYL-20200103013,项目负责人




2022-2024 国家自然科学青年基金项目,社会—技术协同视角下的智慧城市地方嵌入研究,项目负责人
  2020-2022 广东省科学院专项资助项目,粤港澳大湾区智慧城市群协同发展的路径、模式 与机制研究,项目负责人
  2013-2016 Kurt-Hiehle基金会与海德堡大学联合资助项目,Travelling Neoliberal Policy, Contextual Embeddedness, and Local Practices in Urban China,项目负责人




2022-2026 国家社科重大项目《新型基础设施推动粤港澳大湾区经济发展与机制运行一体化研究》,项目参与人
  2021-2025 德联邦教育与研究部重点资助项目Worldmaking from a global perspective: A dialogue with China,项目参与人
  2021-2023 香港城市大学CPAL 资助项目The International Political Economy of Digital Platforms, 项目参与人
  2020-2022 国家重点研发计划《粤港澳大湾区城市群协同发展与统筹机制》,项目参与人



  2021 2020年度Urban Geography青年学者研究奖(该年度唯一获奖人)
  2020 加拿大经济地理暑期学校奖学金
  2017 Kurt-Hiehle基金会优秀博士论文出版奖
  2016 英国城市研究基金会暑期学校奖学金
  2015-2016 DAAD德意志学术交流中心博士奖学金
  2012-2016 国家留学基金委建设高水平大学公派奖学金



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  2021 Unlocking the political in China's Digital Silk Road: Shenzhen smart city under the co-promotion of the state and private entrepreneurs, ICAS The 12th International Convention of Asia Scholars, Kyoto, Japan

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2020 数字丝路背景下的智慧城市样本构建研究——基于地方嵌入的视角,中国世界政治经  济地理年会口头报告,徐州

2020 流空间视域下城市群协同发展规律与机理——以旧金山湾区为例,中国人文地理学学  术会议口头报告,杭州

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  2015 Entrepreneurial governance and land re-development in Lanzhou, China. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Chicago, USA.


  Email: jie.guo2015@gmail.com





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